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Xmas Hols ’08

Well so far got the hols off to a pretty crappy start seeing as my long time employer Buckland Manor Hotel decided to tell me a week before I was due to start working there over xmas that they couldnt afford to employ me this year due to the “credit crunch” which is rather unfortunate as I had been budgeting based on the natural assumption I’d have a job as usual there over xmas!

I sat down and tried to start the NN/FS work the other day and realised that it’s well beyond me and I’m probably screwed as far as getting a good grade is concerned so have decided to concentrate on doing a good report and analysis to maxmise marks and to concentrate on the practical side of DMC instead. . .

DMC Site 2 If anyone wants to see it contact me and I’ll provide the login details.

Speaking of which I have got off to a pretty good start as far as the new site is concerned, I have converted the home page into PHP and even created the first two tables in the database to contain all the event details although I will still need to make tables for BSB and WSB. My next problem that I’m working on is the use the URL’s stored in one field in the table as the link value for another field from the same table as I want to link the circuit names to the pages with the TV listings on. Turn’s out the “HTML, XHTML, and CSS” and the “PHP & MySQL” All-in-one desk reference ‘For Dummies’ books are actually pretty useful despite others criticism (*cough* JOHN) Also got to thank Jono for his usual highly valuable contribution to telling me how to connect to the database in the SAMP server as the TSO site is crap lol.