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Week 3

Week 3: I contacted Dr Csenki on Monday and he emailed me back straight away asking me to see him at 3pm on the Tuesday, unfortunately due to my indecision I decided I wouldn’t go to see him until I had a project in mind. Finally had the FYP Information session that was postponed from week 1 and it was actually pretty good, especially the part from Rod Fretwell that was a real no BS simplification of what the FYP markers are looking for and a good guideline for doing the mid-term and final reports. is the link to all the FYP Resources that were shown to us in the info session and has the schedule in it etc.

I’ve pretty much decided that I don’t want to the initial idea of handwriting recognition for foreign languages now as I don’t feel it would be capitalising on my strengths, albeit few and far between anyway lol. The only thing’s I can truly, honestly say I feel good enough to try doign any kind of detailed project in is web design as my strengths lie in HTML and it’s variants and for this reason I have decided I will aim to do a project more closely related to Design for Mobile Content (DMC) instead.