A New Year, A New Dawn

Well, it’s 2010 and been a good three months since I’ve bothered to update this blog but mostly because its taken me that long to find something worth writing about and a nudge from a fellow blogger 😉

Well I finally had some luck and found an internship in the field I’m interested in through the “West Midlands Graduate Internship” scheme which is pretty good really. I don’t get paid! I know a graduate on a salary of £0! and yet I really don’t mind. I’m much happier since I started doing this than I was being at home bored, gets me out the house as they say and besides they let me claim my JSA and pay my expenses anyway so it really isn’t all that bad 🙂

Either way I’m now working for Orchard Clothing in an effort to optimise their website and drive in some more sales through some internet marketing and search engine optimisation as currently they don’t even rank on google unless you type in “orchard clothing” lol which is completely useless! Work is steady but slow going but I’m enjoying it all as they have no IT staff so I’m having to do a bit of everything at the moment.