Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager – A Digital Marketers Best Friend

So I’ve been using Google Tag Manager (GTM) a lot lately as I find more and more uses for it. As a non-developer digital marketer it’s become an invaluable tool for me when it comes to making tracking changes. Especially to client websites without much or any involvement from the development team.

My colleagues have had to listen to me wax on and on about how good Google Tag ManagerĀ is, or the latest “cool” thing you can do. So rather than tell them, I thought I’d write some blogs about it instead. This will hopefully help out anyone else looking to make use of this tool. I’m going to write a small series of blogs about how to do various things with GTM. It won’t all be original content by me, I’ll be linking off to some other really great blogs.

The topics I plan to cover over the next few weeks are:

  1. Basic Analytics – Setup of Google Analytics (GA) and GTM accounts and linking the two together.
  2. Advanced Analytics – Adding in an extra level of detail to your analytics through the use of; Engagement Timers, Scroll Tracking, YouTube video tracking, contact and outbound link tracking as well as file download tracking.
  3. Structured Data – This is kind of the other way around, I’ll be talking about putting data back into your page rather than getting it out. This will focus on Schema data and how to markup your content through GTM.
  4. Social Analytics – Here I’ll discuss the various way you can use GTM to help track website activity from social media traffic, specifically a guide on installing the Facebook pixel.
  5. PPC Conversion Tracking – A summary of how you can use GTM to install remarketing pixels and conversion tracking for Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

If there is any specific topics or issues around GTM you’d like covered, please let me know in the comments. I’ll be happy to do a follow up post.