Living Alone

Well the last month has seen some upheaval in my life, namely that I’ve had to learn to live alone for the first time, or rather fully alone as I have lived in shared houses and student digs previously but this is taking that to a whole new level! I keep thinking of things I need to buy that would never have normally entered my mind like ironing boards, chopping boards, toilet cleaner haha the list goes on and ON. Not only have I needed more things I’ve had to budget for things more comprehensively than ever before, not only is it rent and food but Council Tax, Water, Electric, TV Licence. Phone, Internet, Mobile, Car, again that list also goes on and ON.

So it’s hardly surprising then that over 3m young adults still live with their parents according to the Guardian article which equates to about one in three men and one in six women aged 20-34 still live at home. I consider myself lucky in that I was one of the last group of students to go to university under the old fees system before it changed as this means I’m a Graduate with a relatively small student debt, I’m lucky enough to have found a graduate role after university in at least a related discipline to that I studied, I have a car and a bike and earn a decent enough wage (above the national average at least and yet I’m still really tight on cash despite only living in a 1 bed flat in a relatively cheap area of the country. I dread to think how those either less fortunate or similar can make ends meet those areas of the country such as London where the cost of living is so much higher whilst the wages are only marginally higher.