Week 13 (Exams)

Well managed to get Neural Networks project finished, a working prototype system that given a dataset of samples (coords of pixels making up a character) it can learn to recognise characters an then when presented with unseen character can identify them! Neat huh. I even managed to normalise the data and thus reduce the error to 0.06%! Submitted the report, code an presentation yested about an hour and a half before the midnight deadline lol.

Today I am going to do the usability testing for my mobile content project as other than that it is complete too! Yay.

Well that’s all of Semester 1’s work out of the way, submitted my DMC project and did my DMC and NN/FS presentations yesterday and all pretty much went as planned really. DMC went slightly worse than I expected and NN/FS slightly better than expected so will balance out to a relatively good mark in the end I think.

Now I have all of Week 14 off except for a FYP presentation on Friday so I’m going to unwind and chill out this weekend and then get going on my FYP next week.