Week 7-10

Right well the .kml file is complete and the whole system functions quite smoothly, you click the directions link, the file downloads and if google maps or equivalent is installed the files opens up seemlessly. Spent the last week going through the site (www.bradfordsabres.co.uk/mobile/index.php) page by page, line by line updating everything so now all content is provided by the central database server that serves the main website at www.bradfordsabres.co.uk instead of being static XHTML pages as before.

I’ve also had to spend some time changing the formatting around so that it displays as well as possible on various devices although this is mostly from the stylesheets. These last few week’s I’ve really had to get going with the report to get it on track for end of April deadline not to mention the poster I need to make for poster day and the other two modules courseworks I need to do yet! :s