Weeks 4 – 6.5

Well to be honest not alot has happened as regards the project over the last few weeks, suffice it to say there’s been more than a couple distractions but basically I’ve I have realised that the Google Maps API doesn’t appear to function on mobiles whihc pretty much screws up the whole plan…however the Google Mapplet does appear to partially work so now I’m investigating if I can…hm tamper with it so that it works better or find an alternative method for utilising google maps api to achieve my goal. If not well that’s a very large problem and considering I’m not getting much in the way of feedback from Jules to help I may in fact be royally stuffed! So for time being I’m going to concentrate on getting the site in tip top condition and having 2 concurrent pages for testing both the Google Mapplet and the Google Maps API which I will attempt to keep equivalent.