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Making the move from Client-side to Agency-side, my first six months.

So, back in January 2014 I took the decision to change role, not only this but also move from client-side to agency-side. I’ve got to say the latter has been more of a change than I anticipated but in a very good way I think.

The main reason for this change was rather a selfish one, Development. This wasn’t the only reason but it was the initial driving force that motivated the change. What I mean by development is both personally and professionally as I wanted to get better at what I did while at the same time trying to enjoy myself more.

It’s now been a whole seven months (I survived my six-month probationary period woop!) since I started my role as a Digital Account Executive and I have some reflections to share. Although my main reason was development I have also come to appreciate several other positive differences; Culture and Creativity that also highlight the kind of agency ethos.

Working client-side I always found there were far more politics involved where everyone had their own agenda and were reluctant to cooperate unless it benefitted them or their department. This simply doesn’t exist agency-side, the Culture is so different, at least not in the agency I work in now, everyone is working towards a common goal, to the clients benefit.

Agencies definitely follow the mantra of work hard, play hard because I find myself flat out all day and starting early and finishing late a lot more than I did client-side due to client deadlines etc. but at the same time, I don’t mind. I enjoy working where I do, with the people I work with and the work I’m doing. Everyone has a laugh, we have music on and an all-round good atmosphere which encourages me to keep working.

I’d encourage anyone working in Marketing, PR or Creative industries that are considering a change to consider switching from Client-side to Agency-side.