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New Year, New Pinterests

Well it’s a new year and it’s time for a new set of good-intentioned, if slighthly over ambitious, resolutions. First up is to get back to my grass roots and play with some of the up-and-coming new web technologies so that I feel a bit more “in the loop”.

This leads me onto my title, Pinterest, quite a pinteresting one that 😉 A bookmarking site where you pin up images from sites across the web, organised by topic or theme. This thriving new social network seems to have taken the Internet by storm, driving a great deal of referral traffic to websites in a very short space of time.

This new service offers great opportunities to any business who can create sufficient graphic content to catch the eye of would-be customers. It would also appear that a great number of its early adopters are female which has lead to a big lean towards fashion, arts & design and the crafts.

The site has caused some controversy however as the images posted essentially violates copyright unless the poster owns them, which kinda defeats the whole idea of the site. Furthermore hidden away within the T&C’s are some statements which basically clear Pinterest of any potential wrong-doing and essentially make any legitimately uploaded images fair game for them to use.