Week 12

OK Well I’m upto 36 pages with the final report, got last two sections to go after having done all the appendices today and finished off section 3 “Development” so should make it in just below the 50 maximum…. with 14 pages to play with to complete the development section and conclusion.

In other news I got my poster printed today.

Poster day tomorrow 11:00-14:00 in Great Hall, University of Bradford so that should be interesting to see how it goes, will have both my GPS phones there to demo the site plus the laptops….he he so I can work on my report while I’m sat there LOL.

Well poster day went quite well, my supervisor turned up which was nice, alot of people seemed quite interested in what I had done, including the Dean of Informatics LOL no pressure there then LOL.

Week 12 came to a pretty good close all in all and now I have the weekend to finish off my final project report (which currently stands at 45 of 50 page max) with only one section to go after the one I’m on). Once the report is complete I’m going to read through it and correct it and do any finishing touches as I have already sorted all the appendices and other stuff I have to submit with it. Then Monday or Tuesday will print it off and get it bound ready to submit Tuesday by 16:00. Once it is submitted I will get started on my 2,000 word Intelligent Robotics report and the Web Engineering coursework (which currently stands at 8 of 25 pages).