Week 13 – The Week To End All Weeks!

Monday/Day One: FYP Report is 100% finished at 52 pages and about 9,500 words! Hell Yeah…now onto the next thing…LOL
Tuesday/Day Two: FYP Report printed (3 copies) and bound and submitted along with a cd e-report. Final Year Project Complete! 😀 Now onto Web Engineering and Intelligent Robotics courseworks for Friday and Thursday respectively.
Wednesday/Day Three: Worked on WE all day, got to 10 pages, went to lab 8PM – – –
Thursday/Day Four: Completed IR Report and submitted by 1PM, returned home form Lab! Yes thats right an all nighter, possibly the last of its kind in the robotics lab! Now onto WE as at 12 pages with less 27 hours left to do the remaining 8-13!
Friday/Day Five: Completed WE report and handed it just before 4pm, made it to IR demo and that went quite well….

Final Year Over! 😀