Week 14 and beyond. . .

Right, now that uni’s out of the way job hunting starts a new! Just got to wait until Wednesday to hear back about the first place I’ve applied to and if that doesnt come through I can look elsewhere!

As a side project to getting a job I’m starting up my own site to demonstrate the work I’ve done previously such as the two project for my ‘Design for Mobile Content’ modules, my final year project and the work I’ve done for the university of Bradford Sabres as their web/media officer.

Due to problem a) lack of job an thus funds this site will be hosted via the google sites system here until such time as I can afford to host it independtly which is my end goal. The site will also function as a sort of online CV covering my experience and such as well as my skills, aims and projects I’d be interested in taking part in.

As you can see I’ve kind of pinched the design from this blog template because I like simplicity in design, hence why I chose this template for the blog.