Week 12

Monday: Absolute disaster today, overslept due to the fact I couldn’t sleep which started the day off wrong, realised I hadnt submitted the NN/FS Assessed Lab report yet so had to do that but ‘t couldn’t really do it even with Ping’s help. I tried to contact John and Jono for help but could not get hold of them although John said he went online to help me I didn’t see him come on. Due to the fact I woke up so late I didn’t have time to get any of the thing’s I’d planned to get done such as posting the junk for amazon or getting my train tickets home. In fact the highlight of my day was hockey training 10-12 which due to it being the last full kit session before xmas we decided to scrimmage the whole session which was amazing fun but very physically hard and was exhausted after it! It was good though, allowed me to work off most of my stress and felt much better for it.
Tuesday: Today started off much better than yesterday as I woke up at 8:40 naturally and so had time to get everything done that I should of done yesterday like going to the post office and the train station. I was 20 minutes early for my 11am lecture and even made it to my 4pm lecture after going shopping with the girls for decorations for the house/party on thursday. Speaking of which my housemate Vaidas bought a massive xmas tree which we now have in our living room (will post a picture late). After the 4-6 lecture/seminar I carried on doing my generic home page or at least the “About” section of it and so is nearly complete however I realised that I have a left hand coloumn that appears useless I might need to take it out as it’s ment to be like a sub-menu.
Wednesday:Today I woke up at 7:50 in time to get breakfast for once before my 9am lab, even had time to update this blog lol. In this lab I’m hoping to get the lab I submitted on Monday updated and resubmitted if Ping will allow it and then move on to my final project for NN/FS as I havent got as much of it done yet as I originally planned too this week and need to catch up. I have the open day at 12 so have an hour to kill between then and the lab finishing at 11 so I will work on my design specifiction for DMC project two for the update to the website.
Thursday:Had a lyin today, then got up and sorted the house out a bit more, played some games then had the party in evening, was bloody amazing! (evidence below lol) There was like all of the ERASMUS students there lol.

Friday: Woke up at 9 to sort out all the devestation which was comprehensive to say the least lol but was ok I said they could have the party in the first place so was my responsibility to clear it up lol besides gave me an excuse to stick some tunes on in the living room lol. Calum came round about 12 for a coffee which was pretty cool as havent seen him in ages, apparently he’s got a new interest called Joy who seemed pretty nice when I met her in the library the other day.
Next problem was the project spec for project two for DMC which needs to be in by 4pm today so I got that done next, wasnt much different from project one just basically said that I was going to modify the website so that it was dynamic really.
Once I submitted that I met up with Ellie for Coffee which was good as havent seen her in ages, discovered the school of health has a library too lol. After this I spent like the whole night packing up to leave which wasnt very fun to say the least as I hate packing and hate travelling on the trains, they are so unreliable. . . . having said that for once all the trains were either on time or early on my way home which made a nice change.

Saturday: Like I said for once the train journey went pretty well, it helped having some stuff to watch on the train thanks to Vaidas lol. By time I got back was too tired to go out so stayed in and sorted some things out at home. Also Ant/Joc/Brendan came round to drop off some xmas presents for me so now I gota find something for them on my non-existent budget lol.

Sunday: Had a massive lyin until 3 when Ant came round and woke me up woops lol. Decided to go round his for the evenin which turned out to be a very constructive decision as Joc cut my hair for me! Get in! She did a good job of it too lol saving me a good £11! All we did was watch some films and play some xbox but was good to relax for a change.