Week 2

Well week 1 went by without any major hiccups other than the lack of progress on the FYP. Spoke to Csenki who gave me absolutely zero feedback for my mid-project report and very little for the presentation that I felt was useful.

So far this week not alot has happened really, WE was good on Monday, started looking at Requirements Engineering relating to Web Engineering as opposed to general software engineering. The tutorial on Tuesday was interesting because we basically just looked at Google and the way it works, how it displays results, sorts them and what it indexes and how prioritises results. I had never looked at it in so much detail let alone used the “Advanced Search” feature as when you used to using a search engine like google there is very little need to use it as you can almost certainly get what your looking for in one basic search as long as you know what to look for!

I at last started the FYP properly today by getting dreamweaver fired up and getting stuck into Google Maps!lol. Turns out the google maps embed feature doesnt work too well in a mobile browser as I have discovered, it loads but crashes before completion in the Nokia S60 Emulator and does not load correctly on my Sony Ericsson C902 either 🙁 much work is needed me thinks :s However as can be seen below I have created a custom map with all the BUIHA games marked on it, I have also made a mobile sized version as can be seen here.

View Larger MapThe next problem is how to get it to load on handsets better and then how to interface with the GPS device itself. I have been looking into it and I believe the best way may be to use the Google Maps API and create my own version to display it via my webserver as opposed to being powered by Google as is the case here.