Week 4

Week 4:
Monday: I emailed Dave and Jules from DMC about doing a project in something related to their module such as web apps or XHTML. Had Ice Hockey 10-12 as usual and this time it went much better than last week, still hurt as usual but at least then you know your trying right lol.
Uploaded the player registration form for ice hockey guys for BUIHA to the FTP server.
Tuesday: Had my NN/FS lecture this morning and for once I managed to turn up on time (…almost) and stay awake the whole way through, partly due to the hot chocolate me an John ran down to get lol. It was pretty good and I actually followed all the stuff on perceptrons and feed-forward, single and multi layered neural nets so maybe there is hope for my NN/FS Final Project yet.
Spent the afternoon from 1pm onwards doing the NN/FS lab exercise 2 in the lab at uni as my MatLab software at home apparently doesnt include the Fuzzy Logic Toolbox or the Neural Networks Toolbox as it’s the student edition. Went quite well and completed it just need to write up the report now, it’s amazing what you can achieve with MatLab Help lol.
At 4 was the DMC lecture where we did abit of an XHTML test at the start…easy pah lol and then went onto Flashlite but it wasnt working in the labs so couldnt do very much. Jules has suggested possibly doing something to do with trackings using a GPS-enabled phone for my FYP but is going to email me a more thorough suggestion which sounds very interesting and I may end up doing if it is feasible knowing my skill set.
Wednesday: Today I had NN/FS lab which went OK, got a bit of the lab exercise 3 done although it did seem more ahbout seeing than doing, the lab was cut short by the fire alarm going off in Horton D…great. Once we finally got back into the room I managed to get all the screenshots I needed from matlab to write up the report for lab exercise 2 and a copy the help file for reference. I have arranged to go and see Dr Csenki tomorrow at 4.00 pm in his office (D2.14 Horton) despite being still rather unsure about my project choice and i will do my best to actually see him today and get some supervision schedule set-up.
Thursday: Today I went to see Csenki at last lol and went pretty well, as expected he tried to convince me to do an Haskell/Prolog project but failed, he also tried to convince me Linux was better than Windows which may or may not be true but I wasnt buying it lol. We have arranged to meet up every week now so he can “monitor my progress” and he also pointed out that if i can’t do the actual coding not to worry as I can turn it into a research project, like a dissertation instead.
Jules has emailed me with loads of ideas and info and i think I know what im going to try and do now. It’s called ‘Cab Me’ and the idea is that you can find a nearby taxi from using your phone GPS to locate you and it etc. Also been having a conversation with Dav/Jules an Mat from TSO and looks like they are going to buy a GPS phone, potentially a MWG Zinc II, which is similar to the HTC Tytn II.  
Friday: Slept all day lol.