Week 5

Monday: I am officially starting my project today! lol. Just sorting out the details with Jules via email and then will get started. I have got 2 books (the only two books) out of the library on GPS so am going to start reading them today. Also I have to write the project specification for DMC for the end of the week and write my project proposal form for wednesday when I go to see Csenki!
Got an email back from Jules: “What I am trying to achieve with you is an idea that you can like. That’s why I sent you lots of links last time. If you like CAB-ME then start thinking of the feature you might want to have.. then we will chose the programming language. the programming language will be the last thing to worry about. the CAB4ME as it is in the original version is taken from  http://code.google.com/android/adc_gallery/  have a read and decide which feature to add. also give the chance to another project idea. browse them quickly and see if one doesn’t suit you better. Like, change and do it.”

Tuesday: Today was a long long day lol woke up 15mins before my 11am lecture, got there 25mins late, understood most of it as it was revision of maths mostly. Got Matlab R2008a off Andy which is rather useful so I can do the fuzzy logic an neural network at home now if i need to catch up which i usually do. Decided on what I’m going to do for my DMC projects, Project one create a mobile website for the ice hockey team, project two add dynamic features to it such as login for admin an updating fixtures and news etc using php. I am talking to Jules about making a feature using google maps and either GPS or A-GPS (fake GPS using triangulated position) to allow spectators/team members to find ice hockey games at rinks this could be done for my final year project as it would be a substantial amount of work and integrated nicely into my DMC work at the end.
Wednesday: Couldn’t get any sleep last night due to stress of work and bein pissed off i forgot to submit my NN/FS 2nd lab exercise last friday! grrrr. Due to lack of sleep i fell asleep at 7 and overslept missing my 9am NN/FS lab although John tells me I didnt miss much which is of slight compensation. To make up for I have spent the day doing work, firstly finishing off my overdue lab exercise and submitting and then working on the specifications for my various projects that are due in this week 🙁 long day but I intend to complete them tomorrow before ice hockey at 10.
Thursday: Got my DMC Specification finished in time but not my FYP plan so didn’t go to ice hockey today.
Friday: Finished FYP plan and emailed it to Csenki but iwll need to go and see him on Wednesday to discuss the details. Also Andrea Cullen has told me that I can’t submit work I produced for DMC as part of my FYP as it is plagarism of myself apparently so now I am going to create a different website for DMC and use the ice hockey one for my FYP as that will be much easier to do thatn changing my FYP details at this late stage.