Week 6 – "Reading Week"

OK this last week just gone was a complete waste of a week as I couldn’t afford to go home and managed to get no work done really cause of my seriously messed up sleeping pattern and so in an effort to fix it I have stayed awake all night (Saturday) and will get an early night tonight (Sunday) in an effort to get up at a reasonable time Monday morning and get stuck into all this work I have to do inside of the next 5 weeks. Due to the apparent plagarism it causes by me using my website for ice hockey for both DMC and FYP I am now going to make a different website for my DMC project that I can use as my template for my FYP Site to speed the process up a little bit. This means I have to come up with a new idea for a site topic that’s at least slightly relevent to a mobile device …. hmm….
Hopefully this week Jono is going to give me a hand getting to grips with this neural network stuff and in return I’ll help him out with the DMC work. So . . . Bring on week 7!
The work plan I handed into Csenki last week . . . 

Can’t really see it very well in the picture but you get the jist of it. Speaking of which I have just come up with an awesome idea for my DMC project, I’m going to do a website that’s like a tv guide for motorsport, namely motorcycle racing although easily expandable to include cars and stuff. My basis for this idea being mainly that I have two main interest’s ice hockey and motorcycles so figured if my FYP site is going to be ice hockey DMC may as well be motorcycle related right.